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Serenity Neurofeedback system - including manuals and basic training

Change Your Mind - Change Your Life!

Serenity is a simplified bio-feedback system that helps bring the central nervous system into balance. It is a training system that has demonstrated success in relieving people from: depression, attention deficits, stress, anxiety and physical imbalances, sleep problems and helping them clearer thinking, and managing emotions.

"It is a system that helps my clarity of thought, my emotions and sense of purpose. Work seems to flow more easily for me now. I'm not as worried anymore." David, Telstra.

Serenity is a system appropriate for a qualified health or education practitioner, who wants to add value to their clients and to their business.

For further details and three free assessment sessions, please contact Raynard Harris on:

Ph: 0410-527-066



Your facilitator Raynard Harris:

Raynard has over 15 years experience in learning environments in Australia and Japan.
Raynard has developed and delivered workshops in career development, personal development,
management and business development in Australia, Japan, and the USA.

With experience in people development, sales, marketing, teaching, and management consulting,
Raynard is integrating this knowledge to deliver powerful systems of change and development to
enable people to Access more of their incredible Potential.

Serenity neuro-feedback practitioner and distributor of The Listening
Program and music for improved listening, learning and productivity

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