Change Your Mind - Change Your Life!

Learn simple techniques to improve learning, productivity and balance in your life.

Your brain is the control tower of your life. It determines the person you are and what
you do. The brain works like an organic machine, sending electrical signals to the rest of
the body, governing our thoughts, actions, emotions and behaviour. When the brain is in
balance, it is working at its best, allowing a person to fully experience life.

The environment we live in and the life-style we pursue however, can throw our brains
out of balance. This imbalance results in bad sleep, stress or anxiety, depression,
inability to focus, physical pain, reduced cognitive ability and a host of other symptoms.
Fortunately, the brain can be taught to bring itself back into balance.

This introductory workshop will present information and simple, practical tools to help

  • Sharpen focus and concentration
  • Conceptualise and strategise ideas
  • Improve sleep
  • De-Stress and relax
  • Improve learning
  • Improve reading
  • Improve creativity Participants will experience new understandings of the brain. How the brain works and how you can better utilise the enormous resources you have available to you through; music, learning maps, exercise, fun and laughter. Venue: Higinbotham Hall Cnr Bay & Parliament Streets, Brighton Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm (Please arrive by 1:45pm for a prompt 2pm start) Date: Saturday 31 July Investment: $55 For more information or to book your place for this event please contact: Raynard Harris Access Potential 1/106 Nepean Hwy, Aspendale, 3195 Ph: 0410-527-066 Your facilitator Raynard Harris: Raynard has over 15 years experience in learning environments in Australia and Japan. Raynard has developed and delivered workshops in career development, personal development, management and business development in Australia, Japan, and the USA. With experience in people development, sales, marketing, teaching, and management consulting, Raynard is integrating this knowledge to deliver powerful systems of change and development to enable people to Access more of their incredible Potential. Serenity neuro-feedback practitioner and distributor of The Listening Program and music for improved listening, learning and productivity

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