Pamela Karitinos

     I am a poet and freelance writer experimenting with expression and space and time within the construction and deconstruction of my writing. The composition of which is an extension of my personality, and so the way I arrange thoughts and weave emotions is fundamentally who I am. It's not only about what I write, but how I write it. I love taking words out just as much as I love adding them, and feel mischievous when I remove entire sentences and leave the space white. It not only tells you more about the emotion of the work, but gives a visual depth and sensation to the piece too. Interpretation is always going to be challenging for society, and for me, being confronted and digesting of all that is around me and within me, all at the same time, is a phenomenal experience. Ideally I want to give people the opportunity to discover something different. There are avenues available to everyone that we don't even consider exist; different ways of thinking away from what is taught to us by family, our peers, the media and society, and I want to present just one other way. It's exciting to expand your perceptions into unknown territory and consider things you wouldn't normally consider; like you would perusing a menu. If you don't like it, don't try it again and move on to something else.

     I've published poetry, reviews and features in numerous Australian and overseas anthology's, magazines and e-zines, and had my first book released in mid 2003 titled, "How 2 B A Cool Dad" (published by SixtyMinuteBooks and distributed by Penguin). Something I tend to do if I'm not being challenged is create my own challenges, so I tend to throw myself into things that I've never tried before like acting, and although I can't really act, I can act like I can act. This attitude has lead to great opportunities that have changed my life, and others that have been as fleeting as a blast of wind tearing through autumn streets, causing great confusion for crunching leaves and giggles for enchanted children.

     My other love is Capoeira; a Brazilian martial arts that involves spontaneity, music and singing. It's an amazing cultural and philosophical art that captures the spirit and soul like nothing I've experienced before. Our group, Abada Capoeira Melbourne is my extended family. The energy from singing, playing live music, clapping and playing the game holds a sense of community. There have been days where I've felt devastated and gone to training and emerged feeling euphoric. The group changes the dynamics of your individuality and independence. It's a positive and addictive feeling, just like living.

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