Melbourne Meditation Centre

The Melbourne Meditation Centre runs regular meditation courses and classes in several locations around Melbourne.

Our focus is on teaching meditation as a simple, practical skill. Rather than concentrating exclusively on one 'special' technique we teach the underlying principles which apply to all meditations. This allows students to develop a solid understanding of how and why meditation works and the knowledge to adapt it to their own requirements.

Free Public Talks - 'Explaining Meditation'

We're holding three public talks in late February. These will allow you to find out more about meditation and the Melbourne Meditation Centre and give you an opportunity to ask questions on how meditation works, the benefits you can expect, the techniques you can use and what you can expect from a course.

* Monday 21 Feb, 7.00-8.00pm, Clifton Hill
* Wednesday 23 Feb, 8.15-9.150pm, Elwood
* Thursday 24 Feb, 7.00-8.00pm, Port Melbourne

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