Dear Beautiful Dancing friends,

Just a reminder that as this is a 5 week month, Trance Dance will be held THIS Friday, the 30th of June
Please see details bellow. Also, please note invitation to "Deep Play" with Michael.

Much Love and warm winter blessing to you all,
Liat xx

Accessing the Divine through Movement, Rhythm and Dance

Please join us for a glorious dance-experience

Friday night 30th of June - 8:00-10:00pm @
Danceworks Studio. 31 Macquarie St Prahran

trance dance

Trance Dance is a moving-meditation which is held in the spirit of healing, growth and transformation.
The 2 hour Dance Journey is set to Hot Tribal, Global and Soulful tunes and is facilitated in a smoke-free, sacred space.

This will be our last dance in the Danceworks Studio which has been our home for the past 5 years! I hope you will all be able to join me for this very special Trance Dance event as we honour the beautiful space that has held our dance, laughter, tears, joys (and sweat!!) over the years.
As well as offering thanks and gratitude to what we are letting go of, Friday night's dance will also be about welcoming in new and fresh energy as we prepare to move to a new sacred space.
Having just celebrated the solstice - a journey of movement from darkness into the light - I am reminded of the trust required when surrendering to the one and only constant I know of: CHANGE...!

trance dance

We will be having a small feast after the dance so please bring a plate to share... hang out... tea & good company!

Looking forward to seeing you on the Dance Floor!

Love, small flower

@ DanceWorks
31 Macquarie St Prahran

Liat: 0408.148.654
Michelle: 0419.269.986


Deep Play - Reclaiming our Authentic Voice
With Michael Shaw

There are many ways to connect with our bodies, our innate innocence and wisdom. Creative exploration and play can be one of the fastest and most pleasurable.
In these sessions we will, in a sacred space, be interweaving Interplay practices, improvised movement, sound and speech. This can give access to, and open the playful wisdom of the body. I put a strong emphasis on creating safety as when this is felt at a deep enough level, there is a natural willingness in the body to open and explore new territory. Our creativity is natural and sacred, come and explore the possibilities! No previous experience necessary, all welcome.

Michael is a trained teacher (Dip Ed.) and Interplay Leader. he's been a student of improvised theatre and movement for 14 years and is passionate about authentic communication in all its forms. his teaching is influenced, on a more spiritual level, by the philosophy of Advita Vedanta ( Ramesh Balsekar), Osho and Siddha Yoga.

Tuesdays, beginning June 27th. Rear of Linden Gallery. 7-9pm $15.00
ph: 0415532791

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