Into the Labyrinth

Exploring the 7 Archetypal Stages of The Journey
through Movement, Rhythm and Art Making


"There are many ways to embark on a sacred journey... yet every Labyrinth - no matter how complex - will ultimately lead you it's centre. Such is the magic and mystery of the Labyrinth, all that is required is the desire to take the first step..."

The Labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative and transformational tools known to humankind, having been used for centuries for prayer, ritual, initiation, and spiritual growth. Journeying the Labyrinth allows us the experience of "loosing ourselves", as a way of "finding ourselves" anew. As we surrender ourselves to the pilgrimage of the Labyrinth, its form holds us and offers the possibility of delivering us safely to a new place - transformed...

'Into The Labyrinth' is a guided dance journey through the 7 Archetypal Stages of the Mystical Labyrinth; interweaving Music, Rhythm, Dance & Art. This is an invitation to enter into your own dance-conversation by engaging your intuition & creative spirit.

This workshop is for all lovers of Ecstatic Dance & Movement Meditation who are interested in exploring and mapping the uncharted depths of the profound journey towards our natural state of ecstatic joy and self-remembering


Whether you you missed last years' "Into the Labyrinth" Workshop, or walked it with me last December, here is an opportunity to journey again! Every moment provides us with new opportunities, gems and insights and no two journeys are alike.

This years' Mid-Winter Labyrinth journey will be held in a beautiful sacred space in Fitzroy (with wooden floors, high ceilings and a fire place to keep us warm!)

Date: Saturday, July 22nd 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: The Loft. Level 2, 175 Brunswick St Fitzroy (Enter via King William St)
Fee: $110 - Art Materials included.
Early Bird Registration: $95 (full payment required by: Monday July 10th)

Places are LIMITED so please book early and please feel free to call me with any questions or any special needs you may have.

Happy Dancing,

Love Liat, small flower

Liat: 0408.148.654

Liat Sokal (Grad. Dip) has been dancing all her life and has been facilitating Ecstatic Dance classes and workshops in Australia and around the world for the past seven years. ~Divine Dance~ is a powerful process of self Inquiry which has been the product of Liat's many years experience and study in the field of the Creative & Healing Arts. Liat is a classically trained Dancer and Teacher. She employs her experience as a Creative Art & Dance Therapist, Steiner Teacher & Storyteller to create a safe space for personal transformation. Her work affirms the celebration of each individuals' unique path, whilst guiding participants into a deeper, playful and more loving connection with their authentic selves.

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