Full Moon Trance Dance

Hello Dear Dancing Friends,

The Full Moon can be a time of expansion and renewal both on a personal and global level.
This is an invitation to join us in the dance this
Friday, May 12th @ 8:00pm as the
energy builds towards this powerful Full Moon ..
(full moon in Scorpio on the 13th)


Trance Dance is a moving-meditation which is held in the spirit of healing, growth and transformation.
The 2 hour Dance Journey is set to Hot Tribal, Global and Soulful tunes and is facilitated
in a smoke-free, Sacred space.
All welcome... tea and good company! $15

Full Moon Trance Dance

Full Moon in Scorpio:
"Release to all barriers, personal and planetary healing now!"
Many astrologers call this month's Scorpio Full Moon the most powerful of the year. The power of the Scorpio Full Moon this year is further underscored by its degree, the middle of the fixed signs being the most intense of all 360 degrees of the zodiac. The total lunar eclipse also marking this lunation accentuates these strong combinations even more: specifically, it concentrates Scorpio’s power to release....
.....2 weeks ago, the new moon in Taurus reminded us to focus on manifestation. Now, this eclipsed Full Moon portal assists us in rediscovering our innate ability to keep that manifestation on the highest level possible, one which assists not only our material, but chiefly our spiritual goals.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Dance Floor!

Love, Liat

Full Moon Trance Dance
Friday, May 12th @ 8:00pm
Danceworks Studio
31 Macquarie St Prharan

More info: Liat- 0408148654

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