Meaning Making Machines

Are ALL humans just Meaning Making Machines?
Do we make too much meaning out of making meaning?
How do we create meaningfully?

My esence knows that life is possible thanks to making meaning somewhere in it. After all I am told that Humans are Meaning Making Machines.

If so, what a gift. A gift from the Divine, and the Cosmos revels in the joy that we can return that gift. Adding meaning to an otherwise dull Universe can be just what keeps people's sanity intact, and makes living the next day irresistably desirable.

Adding meaning is about acknowledging something. Perhaps acknowledging an object's or a person's qualities. This can give birth to appreciation, abundance consciousness, and joyful creations! Adding no meaning denies all the great feelings we may have in life. And we deny ourselves to feel anything.

All situations contain within them the seeds to the lessons we create for ourselves (Synchronicity). Acknowledgement is a brave step to understanding ourselves through our feelings, which are just sign posts of where we are on our journey, and our consciousness, a reflection of lifeís synchronistic events.

Feelings do mean something, everything happens for a reason. Your feelings are a way for your soul to send a messenger to come into contact with your 3-D body. This is your soul in its most tangible form. Hence you have feelings! Isnít that just jumping at your attention!?

We need to clean our slate before we start painting a new picture.
Therefore meaning is necessary to deprogram past meaning making, in order for a new canvas of possibilities to be laid out. Then we can make even more meaning and have SO much fun with it!! The painting you wish to paint is always up to you - you choose the meaning you want to create.

Then you hold that meaning through to its conclusion if you want to take responsibility for it and learn the lessons you have created around it (karma). After all life is just an experience. We can choose to learn from it, or deny any meanings we attached. Learning is always an Upward Spiral, never going back to the same point. It is creative, with new opportunities being unlocked at every door. This is not like denial.

Ultimately, to stay in your own energy powerfully, be aware the meanings you put on to things, and those of others as well. You can make a choice about being affected by othersí meanings. For example, most people get an automatic reaction just to certain cues - words like George Bush. What about Lesbian? Peace. Or think of an image of a skinny Ethiopian, or a Swastica. How about a dark skinned beardy man wearing a head scarf? Immediately you may experience an emotion. If so, you are not applyi ng Meaning powerfully, but rather taking on the collective conscious' emotions on these concepts. This is how many of us give away our power, and abdicate responsibility.

But the Collective Conscious is NOT the truth. It can be blown by the wind, as so many people can be and are easily manipulated as they look for someone else to give them "right" meanings. Hence we have a society which constantly tells us how to think and gives us the scope of rightful thinking and belief systems. It literally programs our brains so, that its institutions merely become tools of mind control. Am I applying too much meaning, or did everyone want the recent war in Iraq? And yet for aeons weíve been sweet-talked into having wars, dedicate 50%-80% of our working lives for our precious governments, and restrict our natural abilities from infancy? This is the power of mind control through giving away the Meaning Making Process to somebody else.

So go on! MAKE the meaning you want in your life. If itís working to make your life more interesting, if not joyous and blissful, keep on creating those meanings! Much better than being in blissful denial.

Meaning Making. It's all good! And that doesn't necessarily mean anything...


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