Ilanit Tof

Ilanit Tof
A student of Life, Ilanit Tof was born in Holland, lived in Charlotte,
NC as a little girl and now Melbourne Australia for over 20 years. She
has studied macrobiotics in Holland and Healing with Whole foods with
Paul Pitchford in California, and received a University degree in
Psychology and Psychophysiology in Australia. She is presently enrolled
in Macro America's online Macrobiotic Counselor training program and is
pursuing a Masters/PhD in Holistic Nutrition with the American College
of Holistic Nutrition.

A macrobiotic children's book will soon be published by Ilanit, Michio
Mouse and the Magic Spectacles, while her recently published cookbook,
Seasonal Variation: WholeSummer Meals is currently available from

Ilanit would love to hear your feedback

You can visit her online at and see the
wide range of articles she has written and interests that she has.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Melbourne events. If you are not in
Melbourne, let me know what is happening in your part of the globe!


Ms Ilanit Tof
B.A. (Psychophysiology/Psychology)
Advanced Diploma Healing with Wholefoods
PhD Holistic Nutrition (candidate)

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Helping you grow to new heights of wellbeing
with Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition

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