Hiroko_Nakano Hiroko Nakano
Hiroko Nakano is a professionally qualified Japanese-Australian Shiatsu practitioner trained at Shiatsu Australia, regarded as the oldest and highly respected and reputable establishments in the country.

Her experiences in dealing with health, particularly with broad knowledge on diet, food and nutrition and a close interaction with an eclectic mix of people allows flexible understanding and compassion to open an alternative methodology of empathetic and effective treatment to her clients.

Hiroko is open to help people discover themselves, through nurturing, supportive and positive forms of healing, from the physical layers to the mental and deep emotional levels.

An intrinsic belief of an abundance of success and happiness and love for all life is the simple confidence which Hiroko lives by and also to highlights the basic philosophy of her shiatsu practice.

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or call: 9531 6013 or 0413 465 521

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