PSYCHIC workshop

    Due to the outstanding success of the last workshop
    I am very pleased to offer another for your interest
    in advancing our Psychic and Intuitive powers.



    Now On Saturday 30th April, 10am - 6.00/6.30pm

    In this WORKSHOP you will learn about:

  1. You will be taught different Clairvoyant and Clairsentient exercises, with practice
    reading other group member's energies/auras, focusing on interpreting subtle
    feeling/intuiting thoughts - and how to use this skill.

  2. Be taught to focus on how to scan and "feel" or "read" energies/Auras.

  3. We will explore some popular prediction techniques you can use and practice these after the group.

    Bring some questions you want answered!

  4. We will have various meditations to relax and open the "3rd" Eye - the intuitive centre.

    Finally, If time permits we will explore a past life meditation.

    The day will be structured around plenty of discussion and sharing to explore important issues.
    I will also be focusing participants on their own healing and needs.

    The workshop is a very full day and after this workshop you can expect to be much more informed about
    Psychic issues, your own abilities and some powerful techniques that you can take and easily apply in your life.

    Your subtle mind and its subtle sensitivity and confidence will definitely grow if you give yourself to this workshop.

    If the past workshops are any example they have also been a lot of fun, interesting, and jam packed.
    Just by coming along you are already giving your subconscious mind a message to open up
    to focus on its subtleness to open up that dimension in yourself.


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