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The Centre For Happiness proudly supplies you with some of the World’s best Meditation CDs, healing products, services and seminars to empower you to create a happy, relaxed, joyous life.


Geoff Favaloro, a trained Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, channels these Guided Meditations from an intuitive wisdom. He draws on over 16 years of client and group experience and has one of the most soothing and hypnotic voices you will ever hear.


The CDs can be used everyday, and make unique gifts.

 The power of Meditation...

Meditation has been scientifically validated as an effective method to feel calm, build confidence and make breakthrough life changes. Regular Meditation strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, memory and concentration.

As soothing music relaxes you, the visualizations on these CDs will deeply guide you so that your inner subconscious powers are accessed & activated.

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meditation cd centre for happiness Relax · Focus · Achieve

Words and images to relax the body and focus the mind to confidently perform and Achieve. Current Australian top seller - excellent all rounder.

4 Tracks, 72min.

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Create your financial freedom.

Unique, powerful meditations to tap you into your inner creative resources and abilities. Release your limitations and open to new possibilities and abundance.             

    5 tracks, 74 min.

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meditation cd centre for happiness
meditation cd centre for happiness

      Celebrate sexuality

      Enhance relationship

A journey into your sensual, loving beingness releasing limitations to embrace your fullest heart wisdom. Uniting your masculine and feminine energies, with tools to develop a deeply satisfying Tantric relationship. Designed for Singles and Couples.

      5 tracks, 69 min.

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     Healing  · Creating Future

Be directed to take charge of your life, releasing stress and anxiety to experience your fullest power, wisdom and love. Awaken your heart to feeling strength, lightness and peace, invoking abundance, health and joy.

    4 Tracks, 73 min.

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meditation cd centre for happiness

            Realise your Inner Power.

Powerful visualizations to assist in opening and developing your intuitive mind. Be guided to tap into your subtle abilities – to activate your creative, spontaneous, and abundant potential.

Discover within the endless inner landscape.

      9 tracks, 73 min

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Begin Living Stress Free.

Experience peace, tranquility and ease as you are guided to being more relaxed and centered in your body. Meditations to suit those who want to let go and live a stress free, calm and peaceful life.

      5 tracks 72min.

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Who am I, Really?

Be directed to experience your deepest nature, your source, the truth of your beingness beyond mind and body, that which is endlessly open, still, free and untouched. Explore That which the mystics and sages talk about as timeless and infinite..

3 Tracks, 63 min.

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Relax and Unwind

A compilation of gentle ambient music for you to unwind to - become centered and relaxed.

3 Tracks, 63 min.

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Simply Relax (Japanese version)

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 "Music and voice induce deeply relaxed Theta brain wave states."  Dr P.M.

  "Soothing, clear, concise"  LivingNow Magazine.

  "Really enjoyed.. Very good"  New World Prodns.

  "Brilliant"  P.A., Journalist.


Personal Growth Seminars:
Reiki (I, II, III), Meditation, Tantric, Psychic development, Group Leadership training and Relationship courses. Email for details.

Counselling and Personal Coaching appointments (Health Fund rebates available).

Graphic Design:
CD Covers & recording, Brochure design and printing, with one of Australia’s cheapest printers.

The symbol of the Heart for the Centre for Happiness signifies that as we connect with our Heart, follow our feelings and our divine path, we can truly be content and happy, no matter what!


(BArts Psych/Econ,  Grad Dip Appl Psych, Grad Dip Comp,  Dip Fam Ther) is a registered Psychologist, author, trainer, and Natural Therapist (Reiki Master Teacher).  Geoff uses his hypnosis skills to empower people to create happy & fulfilling lives. His guidance has assisted thousands & his soothing, calm voice is a gift to be experienced.


Geoff Favaloro, Director, Centre for Happiness,
Melbourne, Australia
Phone 61 3 95966772

Create happiness in your life.

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