How do I post or update my files at
Humanifesto members with a folder and an email address
Can update their existing files they have already posted
and post new files to their folder by...
Sending your file contributions to the moderator

  • Send directly in an email message placing the title
    either in the subject line or at the head of the message.
    (For example subject: please post - page title)
  • Or as an attatched file in either text, htm or rtf format.
  • If the web site copyright - some rights reserved notice
    is not appropriate you can send me your own license.
  • If you would like to have sub folders, that's fine too,
    just email the names of the folders and refer to them.
  • You can post up your images in jpg or gif format.
  • Refer to images, other files or links within your file with tags:
    <img src="image.jpg"> or <a href="link-address"> file name </a>
  • If you would like an image gallery folder
    just email the name of your image folder... Nice hey!

  • Your visit adds one for the site: and adds one for this page: