The Birth of Spirit Healing

    The nature of what I now call Spirit Healing has been a recent phenomenon for me [1]. For a few years I have practiced shamanic healing, including soul retrieval, past or current life regression, and multi-dimensional 'regression'. Towards the end of the previous year I began to feel a great unease and ambiguity about my healing work, -especially about charging money for it and keeping it on a business level. The people I had worked with taught me to be uncompromising and strong with the amount of money I asked for my services, yet something had always bothered me about it. Sometimes my intuition told me to do other thingsÉ sometimes it involved asking for more money than I usually did, sometimes less, sometimes none, and sometimes it even asked me to create obscure forms of exchange that were both playful and otherworldly. Although I often told myself otherwise, I'd been reared on a system of beliefs that was based on me first, and the planet second.

    I was at a folk festival at the time, and with the strength and clarity of perspective that such events always delivered to me, I begun to shake off my doubts and listen to myself again. After a few days of getting back into the habit, amazing things began to happen. Although the transition was gradual, there was a time when I suddenly felt like everything fell into perfect harmony. Suddenly, I was walking around, speaking to everyone about evolution and spirituality, doing spontaneous healings on people here, there and everywhere. And suddenly all the people around me were looking to me with respect and listening and absorbing my advice. I'd left the shame and fear and defeat of the recent 'failures' of my life and stepped into a new phase of growth. Then I met the Star Beings.

    It wasn't that I hadn't met them before, but that I had never identified them as such. With a friend and lover in my tent at the time, on the third day of the festival, I was suddenly guided to put my hands on certain parts of her body. A great transference of energy began to occur and she suddenly started releasing all of this old dark, energy. It lasted for several minutes before she became incredibly peaceful and blissful. In the giving, I felt much the same. There was a great power present in our space, and there were several beings around the tent.. The energy was incredibly powerful and clear and strong, kind of a 'cool' and airy feeling. After this experience, the woman put her hands on my heart and I began coughing and then laughing like I never had before. We both broke into a fit of laughter that lasted over fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, the woman knew who they were, where they were from, and what they were here for. Thanks to her and her previous transmissions, this was my conscious introduction to the Star Beings and the beginning of a new phase of my life.

    Over the festival, they continued to make their presence known; beginning to guide me towards certain people. They told me that these people had unconsciously asked to be attuned to their frequency. With this knowledge my perception of healing also expanded, for this was achieved in a number of ways. Sometimes it was by merely being there and being myself, other times through massage or touch, or even by kissing. And even my 'healing healings' had taken a turn! Previously I'd done work with people on past trauma or recurring 'issues'. The idea underlying such work is as followsÉ there is an energy form within your body and energy field that has its seeds in your past. Corresponding to this energy is consciousness, i.e. A set of beliefs, attitudes, habits, thoughts, emotions and life outcomes that correspond to the energy (be it a pain, heaviness etc,) in the body. In this model, healing involved seeing the origin of this energy as one perspective of many. In other words, if you had a car accident, your subconscious belief may have been that life is dangerous and that you can't handle accidents. We would go back to the experience and see that it was created for a purpose; caused by the holding of a particular fear-pattern belief. Once this is realized a redefining would take place and the energy was released. With a present 'issue' the process was much the same. Find a solution through a realization that YOU are the creator of your reality, and in YOU lies the power to transform your life.

    Suddenly I wasn't doing this anymore. I was talking to all of the spirits watching over and healing me and all the spirits watching over and healing the other person (or at least wanting to), and telling the person what I was hearing, usually that they had important things to do on the earth but that it was there choice if they wanted to step into it, and if they said yes all the spirits working with them would make it so. It was just a choice. Suddenly it wasn't 'me' doing a healing on 'them', but an interaction between our souls and our soul teams. And what's more I didn't even really have to do anything except what I was told! I'd become a spiritual button pusher! One girl commented after this healing that she felt 'weird' and didn't really understand what I'd told her the transformation was all about. I saw her a week later, and it all made sense to her, and everything that I was told would happen had.

    Now, as well as doing this type of healing, I've also been asked to get people in conscious communication with their spirit teams and all the forces that wish to work with them! After doing this and being aware of the idea (it happened in a healing before the idea came mind you!) for three weeks, people suddenly began to ask me to teach them how to heal other people, and to do this for themselves! It was then I knew that I had to write this course! Also, a woman commented to me about focusing on 'the now', and right now nothing is more import than the miraculous transformations that wish to take place in people and on the earth through the communication between spirit teams and earthly individuals. It was only three weeks ago that I remembered my childhood vision and dream, "to get them all talking to each other". It is only NOW that this vision is being realized. Keep on talking the talk and walking the walk.

    Chris Morley, March 2005.

    1 'Spirit Healing' was a title given to me before a recent unplanned presentation talking on these subjects.

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