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The (Virtually) Real Life

Let me share with you this dream that I have just awoken from. It illustrates well the way the mind tries to make sense of what it experiences during dreams.

We all are in some kind of a building and strange, inexplicable things start to happen. Every time we open a door to some room, the room and the things in it have changed. People try to explore the building and find that it has an impossible structure. They enter the top floor, go into a room and suddenly find themselves back on the ground floor.

Then someone exclaims: "Don't you see what is happening! None of this is real! This is all Virtual Reality! Someone is running this game and we are all its involuntary, unwitting participants. So we can do anything, break all of society's taboos, take any risks, shoot one another, because it is all a fake game."

I speed off in my car and start driving along train tracks which ascend to a great height before they end abruptly in mid-air. My car goes for a graceful flight through the air, spinning and turning, performing all kinds of flying acrobatics. Finally it crash lands on a building roof. I wonder if I have suffered any injuries.

It then occurs to me that the fact that my life has been virtual reality all along would explain a lot of things. I always thought that this world and my life in it never made any sense - things were just too absurd and incoherent.

Horrible, unthinkably terrifying events like massacres, famine, persecutions, injustices that would never happen in the real world kept occurring.

Now I could see why certain things kept getting lost and disappearing in my life, why my life never worked out right, why something always got in its way and ruined its forward progress.

"What I am really like outside of this game?" I think to myself "What is my life really like in the real world? Who is running this game? Wait till I get my hands on him! I will make him pay for all that he's done to my life!"

Boris Glikman

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