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(1) Magic and Yoga - Long-Lost Twins Finally Reunited!

One of the salient differences between the Inner and Outer Worlds is that in the inner world one can construct something like a car without any effort, while in outer world it takes a lot of work and energy. Also in the inner world one can make things disappear, make people behave in any way one likes, create all sort of fantastical objects, change the past and create a definite future. From this we can observe that magic / wizardry can be interpreted as a way of trying to make the outer world and objects and people in it behave like the inner world. Thus magic can be seen as a way of attempting to transfer the properties of the inner world onto the outer world.

Could the concept of magic first have occurred to man wondering why he cannot manipulate, create and control the outer world objects as easily as the inner world objects.

Perhaps current public fascination with magic, as evidenced by popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, could, at least partly, be attributed to the desire to impart some order onto the chaotic modern age world through the power of the mind.

Boris Glikman

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