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Is Your Life Music to Your Ears?

How much smoother our progress through life would be if we had a full-scale orchestra accompanying us everywhere we went with a background soundtrack to our lives.

From the music that they are playing we would be able to recognise immediately when danger approaches and when danger recedes, know straight away whether the person we just met is a future friend or otherwise and, most important of all, perceive unmistakably if and when a romance is looming, thus sparing ourselves future heartbreak.

We would have no problems deciding when is the right time to feel happy and relaxed and when to feel concerned, when to give time to quiet reflection and when to devote ourselves to action.

There would be no regrets or ruing of our decisions because we would know exactly what effect our actions have had on our lives.

The sound we would wait most impatiently for would be the music that would tell us that we have finally arrived at a point where all of our struggles are over, that we have achieved all that we possibly can achieve, that we have fulfilled our potential to the full extent and that now we at last can begin to live happily ever after.

And yet, despite of how comical and absurd this picture may sound, we really do have a background soundtrack accompanying us ceaselessly throughout our entire lives.

The trouble is that we have not learnt how to listen to it properly and how to correctly interpret the messages that it is sending out to us. It is as if we have a problem comprehending whether what we just heard was, for example, a soothing tune or an ominous tune.

If only we would commit ourselves to learning the meaning of all these tunes and to developing our awareness to the point where we would hear every sound emanating from this soundtrack.

I am, of course, talking about the voice of the Inner Self that exists within all of us.

Boris Glikman

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