James Joyce BLOOMSDAY 100


Performed readings of

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

  • 9.30pm
  • DOGS BAR, St Kilda
  • Free entry

    On Wednesday, June 16, it will be the 100 year anniversary of ‘Bloomsday’
    - a celebration right around the world when James Joyce enthusiasts and literature nuts gather to hear selected readings from Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses.

    In Melbourne, eight stage and screen actors will perform excepts from Ulysses and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man at the Dogs Bar in St Kilda. The readings will be performed inside the main bar between 9.30 - 11pm, interspersed with live music from the cast and local muso’s.

    Ulysses is one of the greatest novels of the 20th century but most of us have never read it. It’s hard work on your own, but incredibly beautiful and profound when you hear it read aloud. Along with Portrait of the Artist, Joyce covers themes of anti-war, sexual repression, nationalism and self discovery that are just as relevant to us today as they were at the beginning of last century.

    Ulysses has always had a high public profile and was banned on publication for being a ‘dirty book’ with one critic saying "It is a dung heap swarming with worms, photographed with a movie camera through a microscope".

    Virginia Woolf denounced it as the work of a queasy undergraduate scratching his pimples.

    But before long, Ulysses was recognized as a masterpiece of structural innovation, pioneering multi point of view and stream of consciousness.

    So come along for a steak & Guinness pie, a read by the fire, a pint of ale and a tune to celebrate Bloomsday in St Kilda.

    Where: Dogs Bar, upper Acland St, St Kilda (opposite McDonalds)
    When: Wednesday, June 16 - Dinner from 8pm, Show starts 9.30pm

    Read by: Michael Dorman, Peter Heward, Paul Lum, Rashelle McHugh, Felicity Soper, Mirra Todd and Stephen Whittaker.

    Songs performed by: Warren Foster, Paul Lum, Anna Macarthur, Rashelle McHugh, Peter Mitchell, Felicity Soper and Cristabel Sved

    For more info, contact Annie

    or call: 0422 977 692

    From : Anna Macarthur
    Date : 14 Jun 2004

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