Time four letter word in mind.
Reaching out grab concepts beyond definition.
Seeing vision inside ingenious design.
Masters, dreaming planning and scheming
Fell asleep at controls.
Flashing light strobes critical density.
Knocking at door from other side.
Fear masked, the cloak of denial

Truth, mysterious one sound frequency linking now.
Drones frozen, zombafied, petrified.
Masses belief, comic relief.
Portals, energy engage the DNA rearrange.
Third eye activation station no static DAT quality.
Experience far from artificial high.
Do not deny perception open wide.
Earth family aligns with pure intention for ascension.

Patience, no expectations blind us
Pure revelations, humble, meek, vulnerable, exposed.
Open to divine energy.
Can we see with blown up dirt in eyes?
Blind, blind, blind.
Judgement confined.
Poison voice venom infects.
All who hear tainted contamination.
Silence in the eyes, Hurricane.
All that's been destroyed no longer same.
When all settles, view real world.

Religion denies flight of fancy plastic fantastic.
Track to see God outside self.
Lie, we are source creation, liberation, power generation
Stand, face death, smiling sweet surrender.
Look through to soul, access total control.
Fell fresh no anger, oppression, authority.
Dense implants been removed now FREE.

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