Go it's new sensation
Open us all renew vibration
No worry time come
We are here to combine be one
This life the way we live
Start loving and forgive
You are, it is, I am.
Accept self and experience all you can
There's no alone
Family will join all going home
Now's time not later

Time seems rough.
Say to self why so tough?
How can it be so hard?
The Earth feeling, big time change.
Smoke in city, so grey
Garbage stands in way
Wake up and change
Pain, we are feeling same.
All feeling same

Still many unaware
Polluting sky fucking the air
Building great cities and laying black road
Thinking how money can grow
Can they affect future generations?
No we'll sing, dance, chant and drum
Send them love
Still many will learn hard way
Tragedy on their highway
Earth will have her say
Be prepared this is no joke
Humanities destruction will not be revoked

What you've heard sounds bad
Destiny perhaps sounds so sad
Look into heart and be glad awareness is growing
If we move in direction
Positive loving and intimate affection
Flowers in garden and fruit on tree
We'll all build great reality

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