This is a brief only for those seeking to connect with Abundance and it's beginning.

This is the start of an evolutionary process beyond what can be conceived

Welcome to the world of abundance. We all have the ability to create anything needed to live our dream existence. Buying a sticker ensures you are part of something very special that is being born. On this site are those organizations that choose to function on a whole new revolutionary level of commerce using networking and truth as their tools. We do at this time live in a money-oriented world yet there is an alternative that we can bring into effect. The energy of abundance goes well beyond cash flow society into vast spiritual realms. Imagine if currency dealing became spiritualised! This is beginning, we have power to turn our world around. Start to open our minds and our hearts, focus intention, bring into effect the golden age. If this sounds appealing join others in this dream as we free ourselves from oppressive society haunting our existence. Joining abundance directs you back toward the inner self where seed has been planted for truth to shine. We can work with money and direct it into dreams and visions that create a positive world to participate in. All of us can be super hero's in our lives we are all the chosen one, choosing to be one.

The Abundance action plan

This particular project requires many stages before any serious activation.
The minds behind the machine of abundance are spiritualised and of the highest intention. Those who truly feel they are to be ego-less are prime candidates. Abundance is to become a portal that opens those wishing to enter higher dimensions. Access via evolved activity is added to a higher-level collective consciousness. We are focussed with creating massive amounts of universal wealth. Here is the step-by-step process I anticipate abundance to travel.


The first point is to get the design for the abundance logo created. This design is a conscious sacred geometry based idea. The construction idea for this logo is as follows.
The borders of the sticker will comprise of two golden rectangles joined together via the shortest sides form a longer shape that will fit the word ABUNDANCE. The reason that there are golden rectangles is because the sticker intention is to be a trigger of recollection via the divine proportion 1/1.618. I feel that phi is appropriate because this is evidence of god's existence actively in our universe. Let us all keep reminding each other of Gods existence so we can reach truth and ascend.

Within these boarders there will be the colour black this is symbolic of the journey into the shadow. Truth can only be uncovered by journey into the shadow realm. Most misinterpret the meaning of the shadow and attach fear. The realm of duality which most of us all participate in; comprises of opposing energies. What is perceived as good may in fact be bad. By seeing this realm as a hall of mirrors we can transcend our consciousness to a much higher level by taking responsibility. Then we may be activated into conscious manifestation ability. Facing the shadow is the path to the light that casts no shadow. The colour chosen for the name abundance is metallic gold. We are by the nature of our planets journeying into the Aquarian/Golden age. Many systems exist now that prevents freedom from being achieved. Deceptive religious dogma portrayed as liberating philosophy cluttering the mind with useless concepts. What is a rite of passage taking years of humility to embody can now be bought for money! This is not true, money cannot buy spiritual initiation! When the majority of Earth population experience the true golden ray will they be shaken from their delusional place of comfort!

The next step is to place a pentagram in the letter a's. This pentagram is going to be also scaled to the phi ratio. The pentagram symbolises the key to the true mother Earth 'Gaia.' This is also the 2d representation of the 3d shape 'pentagon' the mystical shape of the 5th element 'spirit.' This is created to awaken our memory in so far that spiritual wealth is our prerogative. These will also be the colour of metallic gold. Most of humanity is yet to realise how much own personal self-hatred causes suffering in the Earth plane.

Now the sticker is created 'a conscious creative design' has been brought into this mundane reality for the job of radical transformation. The job doesn't stop here; the sticker has more power to offer.

The sticker will be an item that will allow the river of abundance to flow for not only the consumer but also for the creative team behind its design. The abundance team have huge ambition to implement transformation across many different thresholds of existence. This is on a vast universal scale. The sticker will have a price attached to it, this will benefit the purchaser and the creators of abundance.

There is a greater plan held within the secret of the stickers power

On the bottom right corner will be a web address, this will open access to an even greater portal that is completely based on creating true Aquarian based society. I have not seen stickers circulating through business webs yet. I see this as a phenomenal idea to create web traffic. How will this happen? This site will be used as an advertising engine ONLY for ethical spiritual based business that benefits the Earth on a higher cosmic level universally. These businesses will pay a fee to be on the site, however they will exposed to many people. Individuals then will have a choice how they wish to serve themselves with quality and integrity or mundane. I anticipate in a very short period, businesses will be flocking to this portal, purely because this is premium service.

The web portal will serve more than just being an engine for advertising; it will also present alternative culture via multimedia web streams. A new virtual world that will merge with a physical world.

The type of business that would appear on the web portal would be associated with future technology, health and healing, media, art, creating gardens, advanced spirituality, businesses owned by tribal brothers and sisters aiding in the Earth's healing process. This is not so much about talking this is walking. Bringing down higher ideals from higher planes and building them here on the Earth, as we know it. One of the primary objectives is to heal the rift between male and female energies creating balance. This is the stable platform where abundance functions smoothly.

The sticker is the catalyst to bring traffic to the web portal. The web portal needs to be operating at least in a preliminary stage before the sticker release to ensure the ability for abundance to grow as rapidly as possible. There needs to be a strong foundation for abundance to become the success it is destined to become. All the names 'abundance' are taken as far as web addresses go but nobody can take the true energy of abundance. This is our God given birthright to become liberated. Those of us who are awake and keyed into the galactic transmission portals of truth, have absolute responsibility to execute appointed tasks that must be acted upon. The consequences of not acting in the face of adversity will mean greater oppression than ever conceived. Our greatest crime is the crime of not loving the self. If we are awake action must be taken. Abundance is the most effective way this can take effect harmoniously and with such subtle power that builds infinitely. THE STICKER IS PHASE ONE OF SOMETHING I CAN NOT CONCEIVE.

Next we can create a range of fashion, conscious fashion. Namely T-Shirts, the name abundance has the name dance in it. This is an idea only, who knows? Wearing fashion that is funky, spiritualised and still furthers the goal of advertising and furthering the mission of abundance is a winner idea. It is not expensive to create this product either, there will be those who are willing to coordinate the fashion purely for the purpose of alleviate their karma and increasing their dharma.

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